Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 8  Brushes

Had a fabulous day working in my studio.  So much fun that I forgot I needed to sketch, until it was late.  So today's page does not have intent, or meaning, or even sketching practice.  I would have to say that here on day 8, I am starting to feel like my drawing tablet is a bit on the sterile side.  It doesn't have the tactile experience of playing with real paint and real brushes, and water.  I am also limited to drawing right next to my computer.  I need electricity for this thingy to work.  I can see how sketchbooks which are so portable would come in handy in many situations.  And as I continue my path of daily play, daily drawing, I suspect that I will want to try other materials than this digital land...though it does have many many conveniences, it also has it's limits.
Today, I am exploring brush tips.  It is not very exciting, but none the less, here it is.  I can say that in only 8 days of daily posts, I am getting much quicker with the blog posting!

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