Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 6
Things Valued, my feet.

I love to walk and hike.  So, I really value my feet.  It is easy to take some things for granted, and I'd have to say that feet are one of those things for me.  I have long narrow feet, always, always hard to find shoes to fit.  I call them my "skis for feet".  Then I read about the story of Hugh Herr.  He has no feet.  Lost them in a mountaineering accident.  His feet literally froze as he was lost in a blizzard during an adventure in the mountains.  Hard to imagine going from an elite climber to disabled without feet.  But, not Hugh Herr.  At the time he lost his feet, prosthetics were in their infancy.  He was miserable with the technology and unable to walk.  So he studied and learned and eventually made his own feet, with specialized technology to reduce the pain of his weight on artificial limbs.  He revolutionized prosthetics.  And he returned to climbing, with his new feet.  Inspiring!

Thought you might like to see him...


  1. Nice job Kathy. I really like the apple also.

  2. Rather humbling story.

    And thanks for sharing your sketches. I'm enjoying them.