Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 1

Fresh Start to a New Year
I have been anticipating the beginning of this project since I heard about it.  I have always wanted to sketch more and make a sketchbook, but my participation has been sketchy (ha, ha, please forgive the pun!).  I am inconsistent at best.  And, though, I normally HATE challenges, I decided to do this one and feel free to participate, but change the rules as it suits my needs.  You can see the full challenge here.  I am going to attempt to try to sketch and post every day.  I don't think I can draw.  However, my hope is that by drawing every day, by the end of the year, I will be better at it than I am today.  Simple, modest goal, eh?  I suspect the hard part will be the every day part. 

So, today, I have set up my blog, and gotten my materials together.  I noticed from the sketchbook participants, lots of art supplies.  I am going to try to learn photoshop and my new drawing tablet.  All my work will be digital, or not.  I may break out the markers, watercolors, and real pencils at some point.  But, the truth is that I just love my new drawing tablet, it forgives mistakes so easily, and it is so easy to play with color and design elements to just move them around at whim!  I get lost for hours in it, and that speaks volumes to me.  I think it is funny that my first post has no sketch yet.  I am off to rake leaves and will return to sketch and upload a photo before the day is done!

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