Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 14
I think this butterfly is done now.  I started with some abstract stripes, which then became the body.  I distorted it to make it look curved.  I drew some outlines of the wings, then filled with the gradient tool.  I probably spent two days worth working on the silly white dots on the wings.  Then I drew the head and legs yesterday.  That was fun playing with more gradients and special effects on the proboscis and eyes. Today I drew in the veins on the wings.  And the background, which started a lovely mint green, but became blue when I overpainted and then played with special effects in the filters tab, (sketch-bas relief).  I loved the effect!  And am pleased with the overall result.  And it makes me want to try some different shapes, like differently shaped wings, and the butterfly from different angles.  Maybe!

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