Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 28
Well, it's day 28 and I don't have 28 drawings.  Darn it!  I am still in the first month and unable to make my goal.  Well, this is supposed to be fun and instructional by making it a daily habit.    And it seemed like the carrot danging at the end of the stick.....that is, while I wasn't working much on my art quilts.  However, I have now managed to carve out some time to do the work I love so much.  So all is good on the art front, but maybe not so much on the sketching front.  Too bad, I won't apologize for making time to create art quilts, I just can't go there. 
Meanwhile, today at the bakery, on my son's iPad, I drew another doodle.  He did save it, but that is NOT what you are looking at here.  His app is called ColorTilt.  It is FUN.  As you tilt the iPad, the colors change while you draw.  I must admit that it is rather difficult to draw anything on a constantly moving surface.  The app does allow for a LOCK mode, in which you can just draw with one color at a time.  I like that too.  Anyway, here is my rendition of the sketch I made on his iPad.  I drew this one on Photoshop.  This evening I learned how to draw a rainbow line.  How cool!!!

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  1. That's very cool! I love the colors too! I think I'll just have to get that app on my iPad and play with it a bit. D~~~~