Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 3
Things Valued.  This is the theme for January.  I like taking a moment to think about what I value and what I appreciate.  Number one thing is GROCERY STORES.  This is after trying to grow vegetables in my garden last summer.  I have a heightened awareness of my appreciation for farmers now, and the fact that the food is readily accessible almost any hour of the day.  AWESOME!!  But a sketch of my favorite grocery store?  Just not as interesting.
So today, I am drawing a leaf.  Maybe because I have spent the last 3 days raking.  Thirty seven trees, not all deciduous, and one is still dropping, took us a total of 15 hours....and 17 bags of leaves.  The job is too big!  But I love my trees.  They provide great shade in the summer.  Home to birds and squirrels (that we like to watch).  And they make oxygen, for me to breath.  Here's my leaf, sketched in Photoshop.  I had to add some color, see the aqua and purple leaf vein? Subtle.  And my first attempt to draw a shadow.  I like it!