Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A matter of time.
When we first got the kittens, I didn't want them.  It was a summer project.  But then the stray cat mom cat died, and we had the 5 kittens.  I thought I would find homes for all the kittens, but apparently it is REALLY hard to find homes for kittens, which is shocking because they are so dang cute!  And apparently there are a lot of too cute kittens, too many.  So we ended up keeping them, well 4 of them. A good friend took the only girl kitten.  And thus the flying cat boys entered our tribe.  And I swore I wasn't going to be one of those people making art about cats.  At least if I did, it would be a long, long time. 

But I already have.  And this morning's sketch is of Pumpkin who is always an inspiration to me.  I think cats are such interesting animals and have such interesting shapes.  And when I draw a cat from memory, it usually takes such a different look.  But looking at a cat's REAL shapes, really cool!  Here is pumpkin lying on his back.  I love the simplicity of the line drawing, one of my favorites!