Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sweet Kitty?
...or so it would seem.  We call this pose the "Venus Hand Trap".  So soft and innocent as you reach in to stroke his soft belly.  Then, faster than you can blink an eye, the trap has SPRUNG! Your hand is trapped inside a kicking ball of claws.  B E W A R E!!  ;)
Drawn in Faber Castell artist pens, colored in Derwent watercolor pencils and Niji waterbrushes.


  1. I admit I have been seduced by those soft kitty bellies all too often--love the drawing.

  2. He is just playing with your hand. Unfortunately he doesn't realize he is really hurting you. It is a very rare phenomenon when a cat really lets you stroke its belly (which is its most vulnerable part) like this:

  3. Margeeth, thanks for the youtube! The post is tongue in cheek, just joking around. Our cats will from time to time let us stroke their bellies, but it is rare that we want to risk it. Whether they mean to hurt us or not, it does hurt, and it sends a message to avoid that behavior in the future.