Wednesday, February 9, 2011

well... i was sketching--a new fabric line, but i can't post that. it is unlikely that i will post at all this month.  setback.
bike crash. too fast around a corner.  this is after the er.  i won't show the before.  the right hand looks good, just soft tissue damage. i can't write or open jars.  missing the use of that wonderful opposable thumb.  i am learning new ways of doing things, but can't drive yet. grateful, so grateful to be able to walk, and no head injury. yeah for helmets, the kindness of strangers (who scooped me up and rushed me to the er), and pain meds. road rash is not for sissies, and i feel like a big one. bleahhh.


  1. Oh no! I am so sorry about your crash. I hope you are feeling better soon. Take care. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way!

  2. Kathy, OUCH!! Are those fingers broken? I am so sorry and yet so glad that was the extent of the damage. You take care of yourself. Hugs and kisses.

  3. Damn! That looks painful. I'm so sorry, Kathy! Take care of yourself.
    Road rash sucks.

  4. rachel, lefty has 3 broken fingers (two were dislocated), bone chips will stay. right hand gets surgery tomorrow to repair torn ligament on my thumb. it will heal and hopefully be a quick 2-3 months.
    everyone, thanks for your kind thoughts and wishes!

  5. Oh my gosh ... reading about your injuries gives me goosebumps, big time ... Take care, I'll keep my fingers crossed for a speedy recovery! And - how GOOD you wore a helmet ...